Mecum Auction Results: Corvette Sales Tops $5.5 Million


Despite the fact the this year’s Mecum Winter Classic was held a week after the NCRS Winter Regional Show in Kissimmee Florida, Mecum’s Winter Classic was a rounding success with over $5.5 million dollars in Corvette sales and a 68% sales rate. Of the 154 Corvettes that crossed the auction block, 105 found new homes. 1966 427/425 Corvette CoupeA 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Race car with a storied past posted the highest sales figure at $362,250. The car was raced by Bob Johnson of the famous Johnson & Johnson racing team. This Corvette won many races in 1967 alone and was notorious for tearing up the SCCA Central Division’s A Production Class in 1966-68. It features a 427/425 hp engine with side exhaust, a teak steering wheel and telescopic steering column. Second on this year’s top sales chart is a 1967 427/435 Corvette Convertible. This well-documented Marina Blue convertible has complete owners history, tank sticker, Bloomington Gold and NCRS Top Flight with judging sheets. The Corvette sold for $204,750. Rounding out the top 3 was another 1967 427/435 Corvette Convertible. This Corvette was White with a Black Stinger and black interior. The options include 4-Speed, Off-Road Exhaust, AM/FM Radio and the Auxiliary Hard top. The Corvette is a Bloomington Gold Survivor with just 39,000 original miles. The Corvette sold for $180,600. Some interesting notes about the Corvettes that rolled through the Mecum Winter Classic. Of the top 10 Corvettes in sales prices, eight were from the C2 1963-1967 Midyear generation while the other two are C1’s. Three Corvettes sold under $10,000. They include a 1976, 1980 and a 1982. And finally, 31 of the 105 Corvettes that sold were Red, accounting for 30% of all sold Corvettes. List of Sold Corvettes at the Mecum Winter Classic in Kissimmee, Florida:

Lot # Year Description Sales Price
S1751954Corvette Red$89,250
S1601956Corvette Red$61,950
F1971957Corvette Green$105,000
S1331958Corvette Red$65,100
S262.11960Corvette Red$86,100
T39.11961Corvette Red$41,475
T301961Corvette White$45,150
F2231961Corvette White$92,400
S2871962Corvette Red$47,250
S1951962Corvette Red$62,475
F147.11962Corvette Black$84,000
T321963Corvette Red$39,900
F1921963Corvette Red$76,125
F2191964Corvette Blue$35,700
F1041964Corvette Red$42,000
F1261964Corvette Red$43,757
S2321964Corvette White$72,450
S1781965Corvette Red$42,000
S161965Corvette White$45,150
S1381965Corvette Blue$53,025
S1761965Corvette White$70,350
S2241965Corvette Red$72,500
F2221965Corvette Maroon$76,125
S941965Corvette Red$150,150
T391966Corvette Maroon$29,400
S2731966Corvette Red$43,050
S191966Corvette Blue$43,575
F1341966Corvette Red$46,725
S2861966Corvette Red$47,250
F1031966Corvette Silver$54,075
S841966Corvette Yellow$56,700
T381966Corvette Yellow$62,475
F2051966Corvette Wht/Blue$69,300
S171966Corvette Black$69,300
S150.11966Corvette Yellow$70,875
T331966Corvette Red$73,500
S1351966Corvette Yellow$73,500
F2321966Corvette Red$126,000
S831966Corvette Black$362,250
F1551967Corvette Black$44,625
T361967Corvette Yellow$52,500
F1621967Corvette Maroon$60,375
S1141967Corvette Yellow$63,000
S2841967Corvette Red$65,625
S2851967Corvette Blue$65,625
S1061967Corvette Yellow$68,250
S2831967Corvette Maroon$73,500
S1031967Corvette White$74,550
S861967Corvette Red$157,500
S1271967Corvette Blue$162,750
S1811967Corvette White$180,600
S1491967Corvette Blue$204,750
F511968Corvette N/A$29,925
S1711968Corvette White$61,950
S205.11969Corvette Yellow$18,900
F2761969Corvette Green$21,525
S1411969Corvette Yellow$40,425
F1521969Corvette Red$58,800
S1131969Corvette Dark Green$59,325
S1071969Corvette Orange$64,575
S1281969Corvette Red$106,050
S101970Corvette Maroon$27,300
F1101970Corvette Grey$43,575
S1551970Corvette Silver$57,750
F2421971Corvette Green$18,375
F801971Corvette LT-1 Blue$23,888
F1741971Corvette Red$30,450
S1961971Corvette Red$33,600
S1621971Corvette Red$34,650
S91972Corvette Orange$24,150
S1471972Corvette Yellow$27,825
T341972Corvette Orange$40,950
F188.11973Corvette Blue$19,425
T51.11973Corvette Orange$21,525
F2171973Corvette Gold$34,650
F2971974Corvette Red$14,175
F1941974Corvette Red$20,213
F2531974Corvette White$25,752
F631975Corvette Blue$33,075
T361976Corvette Red$7,600
T351976Corvette Yellow$14,700
F211978Corvette Silver$10,500
F401978Corvette Silver$15,488
F1511978Corvette Black/Slvr$18,638
F192.11978Corvette Silver$21,000
F2031978Corvette Charcoal$26,250
F20.11979Corvette Yellow$22,838
T39.11980Corvette Silver$9,700
T221982Corvette Crossfile$9,800
F231982Corvette Red$14,175
F311982Corvette Gold$14,438
F461982Corvette Pewter$17,325
S29.11982Corvette Red$18,900
S141982Corvette Silver$19,688
F291986Corvette Black$13,125
S2621988Corvette Grand Sport Red$38,325
F821990Corvette Dark Red$14,175
F921991Corvette Red$14,963
F2331996Corvette LT-1 Purple$17,588
F1021996Corvette Silver$18,900
F2681996Corvette Green$22,575
S2151996Corvette CE Silver$35,963
F2501999Corvette Black$21,263
F452001Corvette Yellow$25,200
T252003Corvette Dark Red$32,188
    Total Sales: $5,589,115

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