Corvette Summer Promo Car Sells on eBay

Corvette Summer Promo Car

Nearly 30 years after Mark Hamill and Annie Potts drove a hideous custom Corvette to B-Movie success, one of the movie’s promotional cars was offered up and sold on eBay this morning for $30,000. The buyer appears to be from the Volo Auto Museum based on his current listings.

This isn’t the original Corvette Summer car, as that had a right-wheel drive conversion and the cool bowtie tail lights. That car is part of the collection owned by MA Motorworks owner Mike Yeager.

You can also see a clip of the Corvette Summer car on

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  1. Even though this car isn’t the original car from the movie, some people may consider it as part of their collection. As what you can see the car is still in good condition, and looks good as well.

  2. This is why you can’t believe the web. NO other promotional cars were built. I know, I built them! Two cars were built for the movie. A third car was built 15 years later in AZ. This car is not the car from the movie. Poor sucker who bought this one got took.


  3. Just watched the movie while passing out candy. Hadn’t seen it for 20 years. Cool rides. I loved that car as a kid.

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