Irresponsible Speculation: Blue Devil/SS Corvette Spy Photos


Not to bash Winding Road over the freakin head again, but with new photos of the supposed Blue Devil/SS Corvette making the rounds again, the first question people are asking is “Is that real or is Winding Road messing with us again?” Here we have a group of photos taken from an unknown source so I think many of us may be gun-shy. We’re still gonna post them, but that thought in the back of our head saying “fraud” is going to stick with us until proven wrong. But I digress. This group of photos was first posted on the forums by Chikara83. Reading some of Chikara83’s previous posts, there is talk about how the “shop” gets in vehicles directly from GM and “oh I think that may be the Blue Devil/SS Corvette”. Chikara83 apparently works at an air-freight warehouse where items are shipped to and from Germany. Could the new Corvette be on the way to the ‘ring? Chikara83 even talks about driving Blue Devil/SS: “God almighty this thing is fast!!! it had carbon ceramic brakes and you can hear the supercharger whistlin. That Vette has zero traction in 1st and 2nd. it felt like over 600 [hp], drove c6s and z06s b4 and their more controllable.” What is also kind of funny about these photos is that they appear in a viper vs vette forum pissing contest. Chikara83 first chimes in on Page 2. So let’s recap. GM leaves supersecret Corvette in a warehouse without supervision. The help has full access to the unprotected supersecret Corvette including taking the unprotected supersecret Corvette out for a spin and to “do burnouts”. Does this sound like GM to you? Here are some selected photos. They were dark so I made some adjustments to lighten as much as possible without losing too much detail:

Spy Photo: Corvette SS/Blue Devil The LS9 Supercharged Corvette SS/Blue Devil The LS9 Supercharged Corvette SS/Blue Devil
Ceramic Brakes for the Corvette SS/Blue Devil The Corvette SS/Blue Devil Got Carbon? The Corvette SS/Blue Devil
Here is the analysis from The hood and front quarters are wearing camouflage to cover changes in those panels. The low-pressure area behind the front wheels makes the perfect location for extractors, which are likely fed by the high pressure area at the base of the windshield. Together they provide a good path through the engine bay for extra cooling air. That’s a nice, tidy explanation for why the camo is where it is, too, so we’re going with it. There’s also a vent in the leading edge of the rear quarter panel, which we presume is for rear brake cooling. For more photos (albeit dark photos), view the Gallery
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  1. Morning Keith,
    LOL I have been up late too. Posted story a couple hours ago – this as you know is a never ending and changing biz.

    But hey, why not bash Winding Road over the head, kick ’em where it counts, it’s because as a publication and the stunt they pulled we can’t even get excited about why really could be the SS mule pics. I’m ticked that they have taken that emotion away form me, because my 1st thought was them when I saw these and they are the last freakin’ people I should be thinking about. Thanks goons for tarnishing this incredible piece of history

  2. Later on in that blog, Brenda Priddy estimated: "this does not appear to be staged – this is not the way General Motors would do things to get publicity. And frankly, they probably have all the publicity (even before these photos) that they want at this time."

    Sometime after that, the thread was deleted and chikara83 was fired, thanks to GM, who is now investigating the situation, and may pursue legal action:

    I think we can safely rule out Winding Road, even before considering the elaborateness of this, were it a hoax. WR taped on some plastic and cardboard. Faking this would require designing and building a new engine.

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