Dealer Attempts Sale of Ron Fellows Z06 Corvette On eBay


The Ron Fellows ALMS GT1 Championship Corvette Z06Plans are being firmed up for how the roughly 300 Ron Fellows ALMS GT1 Championship Z06 Corvettes will be allocated in the US. But that didn’t stop Hare Chevrolet of Noblesville, Indiana for a chance to cash in on the hype surrounding the Artic White Signature Corvette. On February 12, just 5 days following the debut of the car at the Chicago Auto Show, Hare Chevrolet created an ebay auction to sell their allocation of the Z33 Ron Fellows Corvette Z06. If you want it, just bid the amount OVER MSRP that you want to pay for it. The bidding reached $16,700 but failed to make reserve and the auction ended yesterday, February 19th. From the eBay auction:

Bowling Green are only making 300 of these rare Z06’s for sale in the United States!! Hare Chevrolet will be getting ONE of these!! To put it in perspective for all bidders, there are over 4300 Chevrolet dealerships in the country, and once these collectibles are gone, they’re gone. Here is your chance to truely own a Rare Z06… The bid that you are bidding is for the price over MSRP you are willing to pay. Example; winning bidder of $25000.00 will be responsible for MSRP plus $25000.00 plus $125 documentation fee. That’s it.
I’m not against a dealer trying to make a buck or two, and perhaps the auction format is the best way to allow the market to decide who wants the Corvette the most. I am wary of those selling cars that haven’t even been built yet. What if the dealer doesn’t get the allocation? What if the dealer’s owner suddenly decides he wants the car. Too many factors this far out can only lead to dissatisfaction with the dealer and the sales process, thereby reinforcing the axiom of “car dealers are out to screw the customer”.
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  1. At what what point would you think the Dealers are out to "screw" the customers by asking for the market to decide what a car is going to sell for? That’s like saying you have a rare car or "barn find" and you should just sell it for a small profit, if you sell it for a big profit you’re a crook?

  2. Guy:

    Thanks for your email. As I mentioned in my post, I am not against the idea of using an auction format and allowing the market deciding. However in this case it didn’t happen. This dealer had a reserve on the auction, so even though they allowed people to bid, because it didn’t reach reserve, then the market didn’t decide what a fair price over MSRP.

    My main beef with this auction was the timing. The Corvette wasn’t even built yet and allocation for the 300 Z06’s, according to other dealers I talked to, wasn’t yet set in stone when the auction was started.

    So for me to think this was a fair auction, the dealer should wait until they get their allocation at least confirmed and then sell the right to buy without a reserve is they decide to use the eBay auction format.

    What I actually think this auction was about was helping the dealer set the price for over MSRP. Since the bidding went to $16,000, there’s your markup…


  3. I hope the rotors rust off the car and fall off before you get a dime over msrp. Thanks for letting me know where to NEVER buy a car…

  4. Just a quick update on our Z06.

    We have 5 Z06 Customers interested right now in our Fellows Unit.

    The offers are made by the Buyer’s not set by me.

    The people who purchase Z06s for over MSRP, are the people who own Z06s. The market dictates that not me.

    And as far as "Rusty Rotors", not a chance, it won’t be here that long.

    But, thank you for your concern.

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