Depreciating Corvettes: Top 12 Price Declines of 2006


The depreciation chart starts with the 2006 C6 generation – certainly no surprise. The double digit depreciation is the norm for a new Corvette that has been on the street for more than two years. The same holds true for the last of the C5 models, 2004 Corvettes. Evidently there is not a “last model” mystic for the C5 generation yet.

Year Model % Change Average Price
2006 Coupe -15% $43,500
2006 Roadster -14% $51,500
2005 Roadster -13% $48,000
1999 Hardtop -12% $19,000
2005 Coupe -11% $39,500
2000 Roadster -8% $25,800
2000 Hardtop -8% $20,800
2001 Roadster -7% $28,000
2003 Roadster -7% $35,500
2003 50th Roadster -6% $38,000
2004 Coupe -6% $34,000
2004 Roadster -6% $38,500
1999 Corvette HardtopThe early hardtops, 1999 and 2000 made the list with their special body style without any performance enhancements, as well as no removable top options. This ties in with the fact that no Z06’s made the depreciation list this year. Adding performance to the hardtop made a big difference from a resale perspective.
2003 50th Anniversary RoadsterThe 2003 Anniversary Roadster made the depreciation chart this year showing a -6% factor in average resale price. As one may recall, the 2003 Anniversary model was available in a Coupe and a Roadster at an add-on price of $5,000 for the Anniversary package that included the preferred equipment group and F-55 Magnetic Selection Ride Control. Had these two options been ordered on a non-anniversary model, the price tag would have been $2,895, making the true cost of the Anniversary package $2,105. The production for the Anniversary Roadster was 7,547 units and the Coupe at 4,085. The 2003 Anniversary Coupe is showing a 5% depreciation in average price. The difference can be related to the Coupe being the rarer of the two models with less production numbers. Bottom Line: Compared to one year ago, the C5 Corvettes show a lesser degree of depreciation. These models are a truly outstanding buy in today’s resale market considering their performance, handling and comfort/convenience features. Tomorrow, we’ll conclude our annual Corvette pricing series by taking a look at the Corvette generational pricing highlights of 2006. The 2007 Corvette Price Guide contains data from the sales of over 5,800 Corvettes from last year to give us the High, Low, and Average prices of all Corvette model years and body styles. The guide also contains appreciation and depreciation figures for One, Two and Five years, as well as pricing for options including motors, wheels and A/C. Available now for $20 through the online store. Shipping is now free.
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