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2007 Corvette Price GuideOur Corvette classifieds website has released the annual Corvette Pricing Guide and later this week, I will be posting an analysis of the Corvette Pricing Trends from 2006 on This year marks the 7th annual release of Corvette pricing data and it remains a feature unique to in the online Corvette classified’s arena. The 2007 Corvette Price Guide contains data from the sales of over 5,800 Corvettes from last year to give us the High, Low, and Average prices of all Corvette model years and body styles. The guide also contains appreciation and depreciation figures for One, Two and Five years, as well as pricing for options including motors, wheels and A/C. The online version features the average prices of over 115 different Corvette models spanning 1953-2007. The printed version, which contains High/Low and Average prices as well as appreciation/depreciation percentages is available for $20 and can be purchased through the online store. Shipping is now free. The top appreciation gainers include the 1968 T-Top Corvette, which grew in value over 2005’s prices by 17% and the 1973 T-Top Corvette, whose prices averaged 16% over the previous year. The 1968 T-Top has made our “Top Ten” list for the past three years. The two year appreciation factor for this model was 31% and the five year growth was at 63% – certainly better than the market in almost any regard. The number two appreciation spot was somewhat of a surprise showing the 1973 T-Top at 16%. Evidently the new front bumper treatment that makes the 1973 model unique coupled with its traditional rear chrome bumpers and new front end had not been a problem for consumers in the recent resale market. This model still remains priced at $5,000 below its T-Top predecessors. We’ll have more on the top models from both an appreciation and depreciation perspective later this week. Data from the price guide comes from analyzing the selling prices of over 5,800 Corvettes during 2006 and then comparing the sales figures to years prior. That method has proven to be a statistically accurate measure of the Corvette Market. Bob Kroupa of Vette-N-Vestments, is the data provider for the annual guide and publisher of the monthly Corvette Market Letter. Regarding this year’s analysis, Bob said “In the Corvette resale arena, once again our concept of “Vette-N-Vestments” continued to move up the model years with positive results in average price. In fact, all models from 1953-1982 show positive growth in values over the previous year.”
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