January 2007 Corvette Sales


In the month of January, Corvette sales declined significantly from December and are down as well in the year to year number. 2,234 Corvettes were sold in the month of January 2007, 847 cars less than the 3,081 Corvettes in December 2006 and 345 cars less than January 2006’s total of 2,579. While the December to January sales decline looks like a large drop, historically we find that sales of Corvettes in January are much lower than what they were at the end of the calendar year. Each month we will add the sales figures to the graph below and carry it over to each new report.

Month Calendar Year-to-Date
Month 2007 2006 % Change Months 2007 2006 % Change
January 2,234 2,579 -16.8% Jan-Jan 2,234 2,579 -16.8%

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