Integrate Your Ipod To Your Corvette With IConnect


Integrate Your Ipod To Your Corvette With IConnectA few months ago, news came from GM about the Personal Audio Link (PAL) that would allow you to “plug-in” your iPod and give you control of the player through your stereo and steering wheel controls. Of course, like all GM announcements, months or even years can pass between the announcement and the actual availability of the product. If you want to play your iPod though your stereo now, you have a variety of choices but none seem to have the integration with factory GM radios like’s iConnect. Corvette Forum member Bill aka “wmhpmp” was looking for just a solution for connecting his iPod to his 2006 Corvette convertible and had heard about the IConnect. Like GM’s PAL, the IConnect is attached through the XM radio control unit and allows full control of your iPod player. You don’t have to be an XM subscriber to use the IConnect, just have a radio that is XM capable. Check out Bill’s photos and text of his installation of the iConnect on the Corvette Forum. The iConnect is an approved Apple device. Full song/Artist and playlist information is shown, and your iPod is recharged while plugged into the iConnect. The iConnect retails for $249 and carries a three year warranty. It is available through new car dealers.
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  1. I own a European C06 Corvette Coupé 2007 Victory Version with Navigation and I would like to use an external mp3 Player with it. The question is what adaptor to take.
    I found this and others in the internet, but the adaptor requires an XM input for USA satellite radio and I do not know if the European versions do have that.
    Can anyone tell me if this adaptor works with the European version, too?



  2. can you provide information on an iPod adapter interface for 2008 with navigation system.

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