Is A Ron Fellows Edition Z06 Corvette On The Way?


Ron Fellows Special Edition Z06 CorvetteRick “Corvette” Conti has been hinting at this for quite some time and it appears that the pieces are starting to fall into place. He is reporting that GM may be building the first “special edition” Corvette of the C6 era, a Ron Fellows Edition Z06 Corvette. The special edition Z06 is Artic White, a first-time color for the Z06, and will feature a fender stripe, high polished wheels and a wide racing spoiler. Interior color may be Cobalt Red and feature a carbon fiber signature plate. The Fellows Edition Z06 Corvette would be very limited in production with 399 units initially planned. Ron is one of the first drivers of the Corvette Racing program and has had a prolific career in GT1 racing. He won the AMSL GT1 Drivers Championship in 2002 and with teammate Johnny O’Connell in both 2003 and 2004. Victories include class wins at Sebring and LeMans. Ron also drives the road course races for NASCAR’s Kevin Harvick Inc in the Busch series as well as for PPI Motorsports in the NEXTEL Cup series. Unsubstantiated as this rumor is, it is quite possible that GM will be unveiling the Special Edition Ron Fellows Z06 Corvette at an upcoming auto show. Stay tuned for details!
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  1. Colin:

    It’s interesting that GM would choose white. I think it is mostly becuase it has never been offered for the Z06. But White is a very historical color for the Corvette, dating back to the first Corvettes in 1953.

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  2. It’s white with red hashes because those are Canada’s colours, Ron being Canadian and all.

  3. Nick:

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, now with the unveiling of the car, it is apparent that the designers had that combination in mind. In fact, if you see a couple closeup photos of the hash marks, you will see they contain a Canadian maple leaf.

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