Corvette Cruise: The 5 Bridges Run


Last year in a post called “Ten Things To Do After Buying Your First Corvette”, I talked about joining a Corvette club and participating in events with other Corvette owners. At the time I wrote that, I was unaffiliated with any local clubs in the Tampa Bay Area. Well, New Years came around and one of my resolutions was to join a Corvette club and do some shows, events and cruises. So last week I joined Tampa Bay Vettes, a club that boasts an active membership of over 250 people. Today, I participated in a cruise called the 5 Bridges Run with over 50 Corvettes that made a 100 mile circuit across the five major bridges of Tampa Bay. It was a blast. 50 Corvettes rolling down the road is an awesome site. Corvettes from all years participated, from C1 to C6. I shot some video, which was a bit difficult when driving, but I think it captures the fun and excitement of the cruise:

If you are not a member of club, perhaps you need to make it one of your resolutions to join a local club as well! Click here for a list of Corvette Clubs.
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  1. Bill:

    No doubt, that VetteCam is a sweet setup. But I’m driving a midyear so I would need something a little less permanent. Thanks for the comment!


  2. That was an excellent video. I also went on the run and had a great time. I was online looking for pictures and was pretty pumped viewing your video. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Thanks Ernie. I had a great time and I was glad I was able to capture some of the fun. Thanks for visiting!


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