Corvette Makes Car And Driver 10 Best Cars List


2007 Z06 CorvetteCar and Driver once again solicited cars from manufacturers for an intense week of evaluating and testing for their annual 10 Best List. Their criteria is fairly straightforward and can be broken down with three words: expectations, assumptions and surprises. And the three rules for judging? A base price no higher than $71,000. The car must be on-sale no later than January of 2007 and the manufacturer must submit a model for Car and Driver’s staff to evaluate. The Chevrolet Corvette made the Car and Driver 2007 Top 10 Best Cars list. The review includes the usual chest pumping that are the hallmarks of any Corvette review: Chevy’s pushrod driven V8 engine extracts copious power while composite body panels keep the car light. But the money quote is the summary:

This combination of heritage and sophistication gives the Corvette a uniquely American blend of performance, swagger, and everyday livability — characteristics that are all amplified in the 505-hp Z06 version. And in one final bow to tradition, the Corvette delivers this virtue at a price vastly lower than any of its competitors.
Interestingly, each car that made the 10 Best List had the EPA City Mileage number posted, but not the highway. I love telling people how Corvette can get upwards of 28-30 MPG on the highway. You can view the entire list at Car and Driver Source: Car and Driver via
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