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Corvette Blue Devil Sighted

by Keith Cornett on November 16, 2006 posted photos today from Yonni G, who came across a Blue Devil Corvette test mule near Milford, Michigan. Milford is the site of GM’s proving grounds. However, this Corvette was on the streets.

Blue Devil Test Mule Blue Devil Test Mule
Blue Devil Test Mule Blue Devil Test Mule
Yonni’s Comments:
“As I was driving I saw the prototype way ahead of me on the road, and it looked like a really aggressive Corvette. Luckily I had borrowed my dad’s camera for a project at school and had it with me in the car and snapped some shots as it passed by. The car was amazing! It sounded very powerful and definitely did not seem like your everyday Corvette.
Everyone who hears one of these Corvettes is impressed with sound. Makes me want to drive to Michigan and do a stake-out!! Source:
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