Replica 1956 Corvette Nomad Ready to Roll


In 1954, Chevrolet rolled out a one-of-a-kind Corvette Nomad for the 1954 Motorama car show. The concept featured the front end of a 1954 Corvette mated to the backend of the Nomad station wagon. While the concept never reached production, we often wonder what if had the concept taken off. Corvette World in Dallas, Texas has for sale a replica of the Motorama concept, albeit built on a 1956 Corvette body. We like anything with Corvette grilles and coves especially when powered by a 283 ci Fuelie and this one-of-a-kind classic doesn’t disappoint.

1956 Corvette Nomad - Exterior Blue Devil Test Mule 2004 Nomad Concept
Chevy still kicks around a new Nomad prototype built on the Kappa platform (Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice). Here is a picture of the latest incarnation from the 2005 LA Auto Show. Once again, the distinctive cues of the Corvette make themselves known on the 2004 Nomad Concept. Source: Corvette World of Dallas via
2004 Nomad Concept photo from
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  1. I saw the concept in Detroit a while back and people loved it….heck at this point stop talking about it and just do it ( grin)
    We like fun stuff!

  2. Rick:

    My thoughts exactly. I would like to see a bit more performance out of it, but it could be billed as an SUV alternative. I also saw today that Ford may be looking to do something similar with the Mustang. Heck, even Dodge has the Magnum although it may be a bit larger.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. I remember seeing that at the LA auto show and commenting to the GM folks that a true retro version should really mean building the Nomad on the current C6 platform. We both laughed and then he walked away. I said to no one in particular, "so I just wait here then."

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