SuperVette Test Mule Spied Again


SuperVette Test MuleRick Conti has posted a picture of another supervette test mule that was spotted outside Detroit. The engineers at GM finally decided to cover the shoebox hood scoop and duct tape that was viewable on the previous photos with a black camo cover that covers the entire hood. The photographer was not a professional, but just an enthusiast that saw the Corvette and was able to snap a photo. His comments are below:

I took this photo a couple of days ago in Detroit –it was parked not too far from a group of guys I saw talking and doing some work on a laptop inside a Tahoe (with a “Manufacturers” plate on it!).
Another Corvette enthusiast without a camera also spotted a supervette test mule outside a shopping mall in Troy, Michigan. Here are his comments:
Last Sunday I saw the next (to be announce) Super Vette in Troy Michigan near the Somerset Collection (upscale mall). At first I just saw the rear quarter from a distance and I thought someone had trashed a Z06. Once he turned the corner I could see that it was the new Super Vette. It appeared to be a white Z06 with polished stock wheels, but… it had the typical black vinyl camo on the rear quarters, entire rear bumper, front fenders and the HOOD! The Hood has a bubble that appeared 6″ tall, but I know the 2″ raised C5 & C6hoods always appear much higher so realistically probably a 3-4″ raise. The entire hood was under drapped black camo. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures but I did immediately call my inside source to confirm its being driven on the street, which it has been for at least a week now….
Hopefully, this on-the-street testing will continue and more photos will be shared. And if anyone comes up with a photo they’d like to share, may I recommend I could make it worth your while!!! Source: Related:
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  1. I’m with ya bro. We appreciate you keeping your Corvette Corner up to date so as many as people as possible can be properly informed and entertained.

    Thanks for sharing the story. always gets a thumbs up from me!

  2. As someone who is in the used car business and has seen plenty of cars come and go (including some Corvettes), I will say the Vette’s are my absolute favorite and sites like these only remind me why!

    Jen Balboa

  3. No offense to anyone here…but…Why would they bring a super vette to Troy, Michigan when they build the things in Bowling Green? If they wanted to keep it under wraps (per-say)…Troy aint the place to do it…again guys…no offense, but something aint right in the hen house to me.

  4. per paul’s comment.

    Paul, they test everything for Corvette at the Tech center. It’s amazing what goes on behind the scenes before the acutal product is produced. Right now, I think they are getting some road time for the engine is why it’s called a mule. The Corvette plpant is shut down for tours during certain days,(most recently 11/7) dates we suspect have something to with development of this car, we do not know but you’ll see more and more of this now that the car is acknowledged. The real road time rather than a track is valuable!

  5. Well, if folks will backtrack to when this came out here, I questioned the whole thing and was told that GM does this sort of stuff. No offense to the person (I dont remember who told me that is was legit) but I still had my doubts that GM would make a killer vette and then haul it to Detroit to show it off or provide "secret" opportunities to take a picture of it. Maybe I am a fool too for sorta believing it and then dismissing it as BS but I really do find it amusing…actually funny a Hell…that everyone including the media made such a fuss over it. I understand that some vette mags even wrote some articles about it, but who did they interview for the story…Alfred E. Newman?? By the way guys…I still have a few 1/2 acre beach front lots available in Kansas if anyone is interested…act fast as they are selling quick.

    aka…Paul Slonaker
    [email protected]

  6. Keith: Bah, man I’m an idiot. Sorry about the confusion.

    And I did leave a valid e-mail address. 😉

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