SEMA’s Outrageous C6 Corvette


The SEMA Show that is currently going on in Las Vegas is the place to see cars and trucks that have been customized to the extreme. And the Outrageous C6 Corvette sponsored by Mid America Motorworks, Sony and Custom Shop fits right into the debauchery of automotive excess on the famed Las Vegas strip. “It takes something special to capture enthusiasts’ attention at automotive events,” said Mike Yager, founder and Chief Cheerleader of Mid America Motorworks. “The Outrageous C6 Corvette is everything we wanted, and more.” The Corvette features a Pro Charger supercharger, Corsa Exhaust, vertical-opening doors and a ton of body panel enhancement. It’s not all show, it will go with an estimated 650 horsepower. The custom leather interior features Ostrich leather and Alcantara synthetic suede. The synthetic fabric provides the look and feel of suede, without the maintenance. But the purveyors of Corvette excess didn’t stop there. Sony dropped in a 5600 watt sound system that damn near takes up the whole cargo area.

Outrageous C6 Corvette Outrageous C6 Corvette Outrageous C6 Corvette
Wargo contacted Mid America Motorworks with a request for a totally new and striking interior for his latest Corvette creation. “I wanted the inside of the car to look as dramatic as the exterior. Mid America Motorworks was my first choice because I know what they can do with interiors. And they certainly came through,” said Wargo. “The C6 Corvette is the perfect platform for performance and styling enhancements,” said Wargo. “When we were done, you still know it is a Corvette, but it is unlike any Corvette you have ever seen.” Can’t make it out to Vegas to see this special C6? Don’t worry, apparently it will be on tour of all the major Corvette Shows in 2007. Source:
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  1. Chris:

    Thanks for your comment. It’s a SEMA Corvette so it is supposed to be bad taste. Let’s just hope that what happens in Vegas (SEMA) stays in Vegas!


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