Blue Devil Corvette To Run Nuerburgring?


A 2006 Z06 Corvette at NuerburgringSoooo, could this be one of the firsts in a series of shake downs for the Blue Devil Corvette? Johnny O’Connell of Corvette Racing fame (#3 car) posted on his web site that he will be test driving some Corvette street cars around the Nuerburgring, a 12.9 mile closed road track in Germany. And how is Johnny prepping for his week abroad? He’s learning the course by practicing on his X-Box! I love it!! From Johnny O’ Connell’s Website:

Every now and then you get to do something really cool in this job. This Saturday I’m headed over to Germany to run some Corvette street cars around the Nuerburgring. I’ve been there once before back when I drove for Panoz, and did do one lap on the long circuit, but this is going to be several days driving on it and should be a blast. I’m getting to know the circuit beforehand by practicing on X-Box, so hopefully will have it memorized before I get there.
This isn’t something new for Chevrolet. Back in 2005, Jan Magnussen, another Corvette Racing driver tested the soon-to-be-released 2006 Z06 on the famed ‘Ring, posting one of the fastest laps ever recorded at 7:43. Also, I might be mistaken, but I am unaware of Chevrolet testing the regular C6 (Non-Z06) Corvette in Germany either. If I am wrong on that, please let me know. Source:
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