2007 Corvette Last Year for Le Mans Blue?


CorvetteConti.com has two sources that have said the current 2007 model year will be the last for Le Mans Blue and that another shade of blue resurrected from the early 70’s Corvettes will be made available in its place. The new color is Mulsanne Blue, which graced Corvettes in 1970-71. How close the new shade will be compared to the classic C3 color still remains a mystery although one of Conti’s sources said that he has seen it on a Corvette. Comments on the DC forum mention how much the new color resembles Nassau Blue and the general consensus is that it is too light. It’s not like Le Mans Blue is a widely popular color. Last year, it was third to last in total production with 10.2% of Corvettes painted Le Mans Blue, beating only Daytona Sunset Orange and Artic White. Here is the 1970 Mulsanne Blue Corvette Convertible next to a Le Mans Blue 2006 Z06.

Mulsanne Blue Le Mans Blue
Mulsanne Blue Le Mans Blue
Conti has also dropped a hint that another dark gray may be in the works, darker than the Spiral Gray of C5 Corvettes. We’ll stay tuned! Source: DigitalCorvettes.com
Photos: CorvetteImages.com
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  1. Too bad they are not going back to the very popular Electron blue. Try to find one!. The best color tops for it are stark white or silver as black and tan take the color right out of it. I have a white top with a friend with a black and even he says the white makes the blue bluer. Maybe Corvette need to ask those who have blue Vettes what the color should be.

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