Corvette Values: 1982 Corvette


1982 CorvetteSissyChrissy posted the following question on Yahoo Answers: This guy is trying to sell me a 1982 Corvette Stingray. Brand new candy paint job, brand new motor, golden rims,leather interior, everything in excellent condition. The thing is, I don’t know how much a car like that is actually worth. He says he paid $16,000 for it and is not going to settle for anything less. Is he trying to rip me off or is he being reasonable? Our Answer: 1982 was a good year for Corvettes. It was the end of a body style that began in 1968. Just over 25,000 Corvettes were produced that year, nearly 15,000-20,000 less than an in previous years which means there’s less of them on the road. It was also the first year of the Cross Fire Injection engine. Our Corvette Price Guide has the average 1982 Corvette valued at $11,900, and our high price is $24,500. These models are also appreciating in value with a 7% return in 1 year and 14% over 5 years. While the Corvette you are looking at sounds like it is in great condition, its value is lessened by having a brand new engine instead of the original engine. At $16K, if the Corvette is as in good shape as you described, the price, while reasonable, is somewhat high due to the fact that it is missing its original engine. That might make it harder to sell down the road. Source: Yahoo Answers
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