2007 Atomic Orange Corvettes Debuts


I finally saw some real-world photos of the 2007 Corvette with the new 83U Atomic Orange Metallic and I have to say that it is a stunning color. I have posted a side by side with the discontinued Daytona Orange Sunset Metallic and you can definitely see the difference between the two. Atomic Orange is, well, more Orange than the Daytona Sunset.

2007 Atomic Orange Corvette 2006 Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic Corvette
Atomic Orange Daytona Sunset Orange
Based on 2006 Productions numbers, I really don’t see this color being any more popular than DSOM. What did the numbers from 2006 tell us? 50% of Corvettes manufactured are either going to be a shade of red (32%) or black (20%), figures that should remain fairly constant throughout the 2007 model run. Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic was ordered on 1,729 Corvettes, about 5.1% of production. Atomic Orange, while benefiting from being the new color, is not different enough to increase this percentage substantially. That being said, Atomic Orange will be a popular color for those who want to be a bit different than the rest of the crowd. And who knows, perhaps in 20-30 years we’ll look back on either of these two shades of Orange with the same genuine affection that we now have for Warbonnet Yellow. Source: DigitalCorvettes.com
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  1. This is a Great Corvette Web Site!
    I am contemplating buying a 2007 Corvette with an Automatic Transmission. The color I like is the new Atomic Orange; however, one of the local Chevy Dealerships told me that Corvette is having factory problems with that particular color. Have you heard of such an issue with Atomic Orange?

    Thank you, John

  2. John:

    Thanks for visiting. 83U Atomic Orange was previously listed as a contraint, usually the cause of demand outpacing supply. I checked a couple of websites and dealers as of this week it is no longer listed as a constraint. That’s fine if you’re buying a car off the lot. If you are placing an order, contraints are something that you might run into as your Corvette enters production. Best to work with a knowledgeable sales person who can keep you up to date on the process of your order.


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