Dazed But Not Confused: McConaughey’s 71 Corvette on eBay


1971 CorvetteLess than a week after Dale Jr auctioned his 2006 Corvette on eBay, we’ve come across another celebrity selling a Corvette on the auction site. Matthew McConaughey, who rose to fame with roles like Wooderson on Dazed and Confused has put his 1971 Mediterranean Blue Corvette on eBay as part of Oprah’s Angel Network to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims. What I can appreciate about this auction compared to some of the other celebrity auctions in the past is from the comments about the Corvette from McConaughey himself:

“Back in 98 I went to a California car show and was lookin at gettin a 1962 Vette, but this 71 Stingray caught my eye. I was at the show for 8½ hours and I kept circlin back to spend time checkin it out. By the end of the day I drove off in my 1971, mediterranean blue, Chevy Stingray Convertible. I call her Mako…like the shark.” “The lines on this Vette are my favorite lines on any sports car…it’s got the shoulders & the hips. The Vette always has that long front end with the shoulders where the wheel wells come up and then continues on back to where it widens nicely at the hips. This year, Corvette really knocked the design out of the park…it’s got muscle and it’s built for drivin. You don’t get it for the gas mileage…it’s not a tiptronic Porsche. When you wanna get it, you feel the horse power in your backside. The music in this car is listenin to the engine…for me it’s the quintessential, bare bones, badass American sports car.”
100% of the proceeds will be donated to Oprah’s Angel Network charity. The auction runs through July 27th and 36 bids have taken the current bid to $44,100. Source: eBay via Autoblog
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  1. hey.. i am a HUGE corvette lover… do you know how i can find any pictures of the original Mako showcar (1963)

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