2007 Corvette Brochure Hits The Net


The new brochure for the 2007 Corvette will be on its way to dealers soon, but two websites have already broken down the swag in detail. The brochures come with an accessories catalog and a chip guide for the exterior, interior and convertible top color samples. CorvetteConti.com has a nice shot of the accessories catalog showing a photo of two new wheels including a real 10-spoke. AutoSpies.com has over 40 photos showing the brochure page-by-page. One of the photos shows a nice close-up of the multi-function steering wheel. Interestingly, a quick search on eBay shows a bunch of 2007 Corvette Brochures for sale, so if your dealer doesn’t have them yet, start bidding! Sources: CorvetteConti.com | AutoSpies.com | eBay
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  1. The wheels are back. When I was ordering my ’06 I remember seeing the 15 spoke aluminum wheels and saying, "I like it." Alas, they were not offered during the ’06 model year. Here’s hoping that ’07 sees the real thing.

  2. CJ:

    Me too. As much as I like the 5 spoke that has adorned Corvettes since the ZR1, it would be nice to see something different. Thanks for your comment.

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