Dale Jr’s 2005 Corvette For Sale on eBay


Apparently Dale Earnhardt Jr is in the process of upgrading his car collection and to make room for the new toys (a new Z06?), he is auctioning his 2005 Corvette coupe on eBay. The Coupe has been repainted a custom black cherry-pearl with custom air-brushed flames. Custom 20/22 inch Asanti wheels adorn the 6-Speed Corvette as well. The winner will have the option of having Dale Jr’s signature on the dash, as well as the opportunity to travel to Dale’s home in North Carolina to pick up the Corvette from the NASCAR star in person. Bidding started at $59,999.99 and the current high bid is $60,099.99 with just two bidders so far. The auction runs through Saturday, July 15th.

Dale Jr's 2005 Corvette Dale Jr's 2005 Corvette Dale Jr's 2005 Corvette
Source: DaleJr.com | eBay
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  1. Dale Jr’s Corvette sold for $66,850.00. Funny, that’s just about the MSRP of the new Z06. Could that be a coincidence?

  2. I have been a long time Dale Jr fan….I hope he gets the fastes Z06 out there. If I ever were to meet him I would wanna see that car. Cuz you all
    know its gotta be cool!!!!!

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