Rumor: Corvette Blue Devil to have 700+ HP!


We love rumors. Especially when they are about something that we wish would be true. In the case, the rumor is about the horsepower of the Blue Devil Corvette – itself just a rumor until a month or so ago when GM said it was gonna happen. Now the rumors are about details and this one comes from a tipster over at so we are just doing our civic duty to report it (and then drool over the prospects of what might be). The rumor comes from a guy that knows a guy who is a Master Mechanic for Chevrolet and recently visited a seminar for servicing the supercharged LS9 that will power the Blue Devil Corvette. According to him, the new engine will output 700+ horsepower.

My VERY RELIABLE source tells me the new Corvette is going to come with 700+ N/A HP!!!! I didn’t believe him until he said he went to the class that shows them how to repair the engine. My source has been a Master Chevy mechanic his entire career. He also mentioned there will be 2 new supercharged CTS-V and the convertible (forget the name) Caddy’s. The design of the supercharger actually puts the intercooler inside the intake manifold, cooled by a front end radiator.
With recent news that the new Viper will come in around 600-650 hp, this is good news indeed. Er, I mean, we can only hope that this rumor will stick! Source:
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  1. "N/A" = "naturally aspirated", no?

    All rumors to this point suggest that Blue Devil will have forced induction, probably on a 6.2L V8.

    700 hp "N/A" would be big news indeed, and would suggest BIG displacement and/or significant breathing refinements to the current LS7. Or a V12 or something.

  2. Jacflash:

    I think this rumor was debunked pretty much from the get-go. All indications point to a supercharged V8. People that that photographed the test mules running around Detroit recently have all said it has the distinctive sound of a supercharger.

    Thanks again for your comment!

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