Is This The New LS9 Blue Devil Engine?


So I called it the Blue Devil instead of the Sting Ray. Point is most of us referring to the supercharged Corvette will probably call it the Blue Devil until we actually see photos and confirmation that the car will be called the Sting Ray. But that’s another story. The big story regarding the Blue Devil is the publishing of photos on reportedly showing the supercharged LS9. Comments by members and others who have joined in the conversation, not only on DC, but other sites including Left Lane News and AutoBlog are saying that it is the supercharged LSA which is going into the Cadillac Escalade. To deepen the mystery, the original poster of the photos(Norm) has removed them from his post at what he claims are at the request of GM’s censors. We’ve decided to repost one of the photos here, but have placed a black bar to “protect” the identity of the mystery engine (ala AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds album). I am still trying to get a link from GM’s FastLane Blog and would hate to do something that might put it into jeopardy. Source:, Left Lane News,
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