Driver of 1967 Corvette Dies by Crashing Into Mausoleum


Normally I shy away from stories like these, but sometimes they are just too unbelievable not to post. So here it is as posted by KESQ in Palm Springs: HAYWARD, Calif. A motorist who sped through a Hayward cemetery in an apparent road-rage pursuit of another car is dead after crashing into a mausoleum. Hayward police say the driver of a classic 1967 Corvette was killed when he skidded out of control and totaled his car this morning at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. The identity of the 52-year-old man was not immediately released. Police say he was chasing a Mercedes-Benz convertible through the cemetery after an apparent argument on a nearby street. Mourners watching a nearby burial witnessed the crash. Police say a pair of crypts inside the mausoleum were jarred open, but the caskets inside were not damaged. The Mercedes driver is being sought as a witness but is not thought to have caused the crash. Source: KESQ NewsChannel 3