Lutz Calls Corvette “Best Sports Car in the World”


GM’s Bob Lutz spoke with’s Mike Rutherford on a variety of subjects ranging from his love of MG’s to how GM has matched Toyota in build quality. But most interesting to us is his comments about the Corvette. “…best sports car in the world” Being reminded that he said the same about the Viper over a decade ago when he was employed by Dodge, Lutz responds:

“Corvette is dead easy to drive and has a better power-to-weight ratio. The Z06 version is the absolute killer car. I think it’s going to boggle minds when people drive that thing with its aluminum chassis, carbon fibre body panels and all. So yeah, Corvette is a solid hit.”
This is a great article to read if you’re interested in knowing more about the man that probably has the most influence over the future development of the Corvette. Click here for The World According to Bob…part one at Via:
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  1. Best sports car for the money Bob. And as I posted elsewhere, please take your ego and feed it somewhere else, like Toyota, GM doesn’t need another "Lutz Loser", AKA Blue Devil. But it does give you another car to strut around on stage with don’t it.
    Corvette doesn’t need a factory built "toy" to sell to the wealthy and/or speculators that costs near or over $100k and requires drivers school to buy. If a Corvette buyers wants stupid horsepower there’s a whole big after market that can supply it for far less than a $25k mark up over the already over the top Z06. But then you can’t do your stage strut.
    Your SSR was a flop, overweight and over priced, your GTO was a flop because it looked like a Grand Am, your Camaro will flop because it costs $5k more than a comapar
    ible Mustang (at LEAST!, and that’s just in BASE PRICE!).
    Now you want to build a "Corvette for the wealthy".
    Memo to Bowling Green: Be content with a 500hp Z06 that runs mid’ 11’s in the 1/4, if you must fiddle with something do us bracket racers a favor and put a RELIABLE 6 speed automatic behind it. Concentrate on building the best AFFORDABLE sportscar in the world!.
    PS: as I posted elsewhere, Corvette owner since 1967, wife and I both own one now (’79/’85), and both of use accomplished bracket racers.
    PPS: Ford can build a loaded V-6 Mustang for $22,000 list, and sell 100,000 of them, then build another 40,000 GT’s that run in the 13’s for what you want to sell a base "new" Camaro for. How DO they do it!, and why can’t we?.

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