Video: Top Gear Reviews Z06 Corvette


Leave it to Jeremy Clarkson of BBC’s Top Gear to completely miss the point of the new Z06 Corvette. The first clip has Jeremy driving the Z06 on their test course and from the looks of it, he couldn’t be happier than throwing the Vette through a couple of 1.2 + lateral G curves, or from a dead stop he puts the car in 5th gear and goes from 0-175 mph before he has to back it down because he is out of runway. The second clip has the Corvette in the Top Gear studio and this is where Clarkson misses the point. He complains the car is unmanageable off the track and “…the ride is awful, the engine sounds like it’s being fuelled by spanners, it’s too wide, it will shake your bones to dust and the gearbox feels like it’s out of a tractor.” Jeremy, while the above description is certainly not as bad as you portray (or perhaps your English roads are just quite up to the par of American roads), that experience is why you spend the $25K more for the Z06 than a regular Coupe. The Z06 even ranks 12 on your Power Lap board, all this for just £60,000. What’s amazing is that the only thing you didn’t bash was the interior. And one last thing, jeremy. It’s pronouced ‘Zee-Oh-Six’, not ‘Zed-Oh-Six.’

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  1. The Top Gear review was decent, I guess. Clarkson seems to hate everything that comes from the States, so the fact that he was impressed by the Z06 on the track was a bit surprising.

    I can’t imagine that the Ford GT is any more driveable on a public road than the Z06, and Clarkson owns one of those…

    – Jeff (

  2. Jeremy got the 5th gear speed wrong, the car tops out in 5th gear at 195+mph, 6th gear is an overdrive.

    Tiff in Fifth gear liked the car, even on the road.

  3. 6th is as you say an over drive but so is 5th. 4th is almost a direct drive and 3rd, 2nd, 1st and reverse are all under drives.

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