Corvette: Exhibit 1 in GM Turnaround


Peter DeLorenzo is quickly becoming one of my favorite reads. In March, Peter ripped GM for not doing anything to celebrate Corvette’s win at The 12 Hours of Sebring, America’s top road race event, which coincidentally was also the 50th anniversary of Corvette Racing. This week, Peter had a chance to drive the 2006 Z06 Corvette and came away from the experience with the same reaction by the majority of auto journalists that have preceded him:

“The Corvette ZO6 is simply the most seductive combination of power, speed, drivability, value and overall efficiency that exists in the world today. A high-performance super car for the real world, it is a milestone achievement that deserves recognition as much for its capabilities, as for the people behind it.”
Peter quickly turns his commentary from his driving experience in the Z06 to the culture of “True Believers” at GM who made building the sports car possible. If the “True Believers” where able to be set free from the “Bean Counters” on their most pressing new model rollouts including the Impala, DeLorenzo argues, then the company “would be able to build the kinds of desirable cars and trucks that consumers want to come in and buy of their own volition.” The Z06 is that kind of car and the resurgent success of the Corvette in recent years is once again beginning to fuel the innovation in other GM brands, namely the Cadillac V series, Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Sky and Aura models. It took Corvette’s “True Believer” in Dave Hill to make that happen. Other brands within GM should also be working hard to find their own Dave Hill. Great rant, Peter. Read it at And while your there, make sure you read the “RoadKill” article which contains another of their writer’s review of the Z06 Corvette.
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