Corvette Racing Out To Avenge Sebring Loss


Even though Corvette has won 20 of the last 21 races, it’s the one that got away last year that has the Corvette Racing team most fired up. Last Year at Sebring, the new Corvette C6.R was running first and second when both cars ran into trouble around the 8 hour mark. Suffice to say, both cars got back in the race, but couldn’t make up the difference which allowed the Aston Martin team to win. And while Corvette has dominated the last few years of ALMS racing, recent rule changes will make it more difficult to recapture the crown. In an effort to make the class more competitive, Corvettes are now 121 pounds heavier than their competition. Adjustments to the engine’s air restrictors have also been made to the C6.R to also help level the playing field. As Corvette Racing’s Program Manager Doug Fehan said about the rule changes:

“We’ve demonstrated, over the last twelve months, our willingness to work with the sanctioning body to help teams that don’t have the technology available to them that we have at Corvette Racing,” Fehan continued, “In the interest of great racing, sometimes adjustments have to be made for those whose car, technology and engineering are not the equal of the Corvette. Providing some rules concessions will help them to be competitive, this will strengthen the ALMS series and, ultimately, add to the enjoyment of the fans.”
Corvette Racing will have its cars piloted by the same trio of drivers last year that finished 1 and 2 in the American LeMans cup. Johnny O’Connell, Ron Fellows and Max Papis are the drivers of the Number 3 Corvette while defending Champions Olivier Beretta, Oliver Gavin and Jan Magnussen are in the Number 4 Corvette. The 12 Hours of Sebring is Saturday, March 18th beginning at 10:30 am.
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