Corvette 2nd on Owner Satisfaction List


While all the news accounts I’ve read about the new Consumer Reports car-owner Satisfaction Survey is mostly concentrated on the “Japanese Autos Dominate” angle, domestic automakers Chevrolet and Ford should be pleased that the Corvette and Mustang finished 2nd and 3rd on the Best Cars list. Topping the list was the Toyota Prius at 95% and Corvette was a close second at 93%. The poll is based on the percentage of owners who said they would buy another one. What I also find interesting is a belief that many people that buy the hybrid Prius do so for the same reason as those that buy a Corvette. Sure, saving the planet is great if you’re a Prius owner and for Corvette owners, how can you beat 400 hp and still get 28 mpg on the highway? Yes, Corvette and Prius owners are buying their cars for their own, different reasons, but what is similar is that the reasons tend to be centered on the lifestyle of the owner, rather than the individual components that make the vehicle unique. It’s often said that the car you drive is a reflection of yourself. Corvette owners have known this for many years, and while we endure jokes about our pending mid life crisis or needing Viagra, Corvette the car continues to dominate these kinds of lists. Remember the Chevrolet billboard that years ago featured a split window with the tag line: “They Don’t Write Songs About Volvos”? Same is true of the Prius…