Appreciating Corvettes: The Top 11 of 2005


2005 was another great year for Corvette enthusiast who also own Corvettes. Our analysis for the 2005 calendar year reflects excellent price results. Most of the 1953-1982 models outperformed the S&P Stock Market Index. In fact, all models through 1982 showed positive appreciation results with only one showing a “no change” designation. The 1984-1996 models showed positive results with 24 of the 38 models showing no-change or positive appreciation results. Only 12 of the 14 are showing negative results of at or under -5% depreciation. For 2005 we have noted a trend change for Corvettes identified in our top eleven appreciation chart.

Year Model % Change Average Price
1955 Roadster 27% $54,600
1969 T- Top 14% $19,800
1957 Roadster 13% $49,800
1954 Roadster 12% $43,900
1956 Roadster 12% $45,400
1958 Roadster 12% $41,300
1964 Roadster 12% $28,600
1968 T-Top 11% $16,600
1963 Coupe 10% $39,200
1968 Roadster 10% $21,500
1978 Pace Car 10% $19,900
Note there are five of the early models shown on the chart compared to only three for 2004. The lead Corvette, a 1955 Roadster shows a dramatic increase, 27%, for an average price of $54,600. Supporting this appreciation factors is the low production number of only 700 units and the availability of the first V-8 in a Corvette. As a side note, 693 of the buyers selected the V-8 option. With this option, this Corvette was delivered at a list price of $2,909! The number two spot went to the 1969 T-Top with an average price of $19,800 reflecting a 14% appreciation factor. In addition, the 1968 T- Top shows an 11% return at $16,600 and the 1968 Roadster at 10% with an average price of $21,500. These three models can be termed collectables, especially with an age factor of 35+ years and the offering of special high performance motors. These Vettes are “affordable” with an average price of under $20,000 offering excellent appreciation potential in today’s market. Of interest and value is the fact that a 1968 T-Top and a 1969 Roadster were included in our Top Ten Appreciation List in 2004, this makes two years in a row! Back to the early models that made the list…the Roadster – 1957, 1954, 1956 and 1958 – all had low production numbers with none exceeding an annual production figure of 9,200 units. In total, 22,614 units of these models were built. Using an assumed factor that 80% are still in existence, the number possibly available today is reduced to 18,000. This total number of these four models is virtually less than any one production year starting with the 1963 model. Two mid-years made the list, a 1964 Roadster with 12% year over year appreciation showed an average price of $28,600. This model represents the entry level for the ever-popular mid-year Roadster. Included was the 1963 Split Window Coupe with its unique classic lines at an average price of $39,200 for a 10% year over year appreciation factor. Closing out the list was the 1978 Pace Car with an average price of $19,900 that showed a 10% year over year appreciation factor. Adding to its appearance on the chart is the fact that numerous ones that are sold have minimal mileage with many of these Corvettes showing mileage of less than 500 miles. This model Corvette, 28 years old, with true “around the block” mileage will continue to command top dollar. Credit
Bob Kroupa of Vette-N-Vestments contributed this content. Bob is publisher of the Corvette Market Letter and the 2006 Corvette Price Guide, both available for purchase in the Online Store.