Found: 1959 Corvette. Owner Call To Identify


Anyone lost a 1959 Corvette recently? Maybe not so recently? Brevard County (FL) Sheriffs Office found a Red/White 1959 Corvette abandoned in a desolate area off Interstate 95. Tracing the owner has proven difficult as the part of VIN was missing, as well as the license plate. The Sheriffs Office ran the part of the VIN it had through different databases but have come up short. Andrew Walters, Brevard County Sheriff’s spokesman said of the found car, “You just don’t leave a Corvette like that sitting on the side of the road. The circumstances that surround this particular case – this is more than just an abandoned vehicle.” He speculates the Corvette may have been dumped by an auto theft ring. The Corvette does have some distinguishing characteristics and that the owner would be able to make a claim on the Corvette based on those identifying features. If you or someone you know lost a 1959 Corvette, call Agent Mike Wallace in the auto theft unit at (321) 454-7007.


  1. Hello,

    I know it’s late finding this (July 2006) but I just saw this post. I have tried calling the # listed but there was no voice mail and I was trying after hours, so hopefully someone will see this posting.

    I am the creator of the 1959 Corvette Registry, and might be able to help out in determining what the VIN and owner of this car might be. My site can be seen at, and I can be reached at 410-920-1882.


    J Brady

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