Corvette Navigation Software Update


GM has released a software update package for upgrading the 2005 Corvette’s Navigation system. The package consists of two CD’s and can be performed at your Chevrolet dealership or you can order the CD’s and install the upgrade yourself. The software updates performs the following upgrades: 1. Modifies the signal interface with the ARS Module to correct poor reception.
2. Adds an onscreen message to remind you that a destination is required before a route can be planned.
3. Adds MP3 CD functionality. As the system is still under warranty, there is no charge for the service call but there is a nominal charge for the CD’s if you decide to upgrade the system yourself. The ability to upgrade the system via software is great for Chevy’s customers. How many times have you purchased an item when it was initially released, only to have the manufacturer make it better in subsequent years. While you expect companies to make enhancements to their products, it’s rare they are made available to previous customers.


  1. Very interesting article. So what do I do next but call GM and ask them about sending me the free update disc. It seems that they had no idea what I was talking about and told me that the only free updates that they knew about was for the 2006 and 2007 Corvettes. If they are incorrect please let me know so I can update my navigation system and cd.


  2. Kimsey:

    Thanks for your comment. I checked with a couple of dealerships regarding the update and found that there was a nominal fee charged for the update discs – $15 which may include shipping and handling. I altered my original post to reflect the change.

    Keep in mind that this update is only for 2005 Corvettes and it allows the stereo to play MP3 discs, as well as correcting the other two issues as posted. It is not a navigational map update.


  3. Keith,

    Thanks for your checking out the update. It sounds good and would be nice to be able to play mp3 discs.
    But I have called four Chevy dealers in Texas and could not get any answer except they don’t have anything like that. If you could, would you post or email me the part number or the dealerships that you talked to so I can get in contact with a dealer that knows what is going on.


  4. Keith,

    I just want to thank you for letting all of us know about this great update and all of your help to me. I did find the cd update ( with your help ) and installed it myself.
    The update does everything you said and I could not be happier that now I am able to play MP3’s in my Victory Red 2005 Corvette.

    Thanks again,


  5. Do you have any idea if this update will work on the 02-05 Deville Seville SRX and XLR navigation radios? they used the SAME radio only with a different plug in….
    thanks alot!!!

  6. Jason:

    Check with service department at Fichtner Chevrolet.

    I’ve directed a couple different people inquiring about the nav update to them as they know what they are talking about. At least with Corvettes anyway. Not sure about Cadillac.

    Good Luck!


  7. So, where can I pruchase a copy of this update disc for my 2005 Corvette. The dealership here in Bend, Or doesn’t have a clue.


  8. I sent GM a request for an updated CD for my 2007 Corvette Navigation System, it did have free updates for 06-07 Corvettes, waiting for their response, it is such a small request for an expensive sports car…….

  9. I also asked a local dealer and they knew nothing about it. How do I order it myself? I think that would be faster than trying to convince them they should know about it.

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