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Power and Responsibility

by Keith Cornett on November 10, 2005

Reporter Paula Simons from the Edmonton Journal details the unfortunate death of a pedestrian killed by the irresponsible actions of someone driving a Corvette. While the death is unfortunate and justice awaits for the driver, Paula takes the argument farther:

“But the crime Ricky Richardson committed didn’t begin that terrible August night when he punched the accelerator. The chain of events that led to Irene Nicholson’s death began when Richardson decided to buy a Corvette with a special super-charger that gave the already-powerful car a 500-horsepower engine.”
In the reporter’s perfect world, we would all be driving small cars with the horsepower of a lawnmower. She does concede that the pedestrian could have died had the out of control driver been in a “nice little Smart Car or Prius”. However she continues with how no one “needs” a Corvette or a Hummer or Escalade (Is she anti GM?), fashion choices to parade your wealth and power…making the driver to feel more viral and fleet and powerful. Her article finally comes back to reality as she weighs in how the Corvette driver made a bad choice and must deal with the consequences. With power comes responsibility, and that should be the lesson of this story.

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