Auburn November Classic Auction Results


Kruse International posted the results of the November Classic auction held November 4-6 in Auburn, Indiana. The November Classic Auction is in its third year and is one of the smaller auctions with around 300 cars expected to cross the auction block. 15 Corvettes were represented and only three sold making this auction a disappointment for buyers and sellers alike. Of the three that sold, two of those were in the $5,000’s and the high was a 72 Coupe which sold for $12,500. Let’s be clear that while a couple of the midyears were modified racers, there was also a tri-power ’67 that hit a final bid at $90,000. While that amount is akin to a bargain, it appears that at all these auctions we are only seeing Condition 1 Corvettes with numbers-matching and Bloomington certifications. Are we seeing a trend here? The last few Auction results from this fall have featured a significant portion of Corvettes receiving high bids but were no sales. My belief is still that the market is strong and that Corvette sellers are holding out for the top dollar pricing they can receive at either the larger, Corvette dominated auctions or through direct selling efforts.

Year/ModelPriceBid Type
1959 Convertible$50,000Final Bid
1961 Convertible$58,000Final Bid
1964 Grand Sport Roadster$32,000Final Bid
1965 Race Car Roadster$21,000Final Bid
1967 Coupe$80,000Final Bid
1967 Coupe$90,000Final Bid
1968 Coupe$12,000Final Bid
1970 Coupe$25,000Final Bid
1971 Coupe$5,300Sold
1972 Coupe$12,500Sold
1978 Coupe$7,500Final Bid
1979 Coupe$8,600Final Bid
1979 Coupe$5,600Sold
1987 Callaway Convertible$35,000Final Bid
1989 Coupe$7,000Final Bid
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