American Muscle Comparison


Finally someone put the three American muscle cars together for a little compare and contrast article and perhaps bragging rights as America’s best sports car. And while I admit that I am not the most impartial observer to this contest, I got to say Automobile Magazine’s review of the Z06 in comparison to the Dodge Viper and Ford GT is about the best I’ve read to date.

“The Corvette is just awesome. It is the lightest of our three cars by more than 300 pounds, and that shows on acceleration down the short straightaways and on braking into the tightest corners. Man, this thing is fast. And it sounds fast, too. “
The cruise starts in western Pennsylvania, but due to the remnants of Hurricane Katrina, the drivers are forced to head west to Michigan on the rain soaked highways of Ohio and Indiana:
“The Corvette leads the way. As if 505 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque in these conditions weren’t enough of a handful, we turn off all of the electronic aids. (OK, we’re a little bit crazy.) This is what we discover: The Corvette is sensational on these roads, whether we’re sliding around second-gear hairpins or blasting through fourth-gear sweepers. “
All three cars performed well on their 1200 mile journey and the reviewers themselves call them the best of the American auto industry. Although none was chosen as the best sports car, the Corvette Z06 appeared to garner the most favorable reviews of the three in this outstanding review of American Muscle. Read the entire article at Automobile Magazine and make sure you check out the video of the three cars at the track!