2006 Model Debuts Unknown


The National Corvette Museum reports the last 2005 Corvette will roll off the assembly line this week and the process will be what they call a “running change” with 2006 models being built directly behind the last 2005 model. According to the Museum, no release dates are yet available on the Coupe/Convertibles. We have heard that Z06’s were on the assembly line in August, but according to CorvetteConti.com, it looks like those that were built are going to GM Execs and select markets for testing. There is currently no release date yet for the Z06 and no museum deliveries are being scheduled. GM has indicated that it will be into the 4th quarter before Z06 models will be available. The favorable press coverage and auto magazine reviews are making us jones big time for the release of the Z06 and I am sure that those that have money down and an order in the pipeline are just dying. Give us some info, GM!!!