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AutoWeek Drives the Z06

by Keith Cornett on September 5, 2005

Autoweek hits the newstands this week with their review of the 2006 Z06 Corvette. As their title suggests, “Chevrolet’s Corvette Z06 enters the supercar segment – and changes the game.” The review starts with an incredible play-by-play (shift-by-shift?) of the Z06 running at the famed Spa-Francorchamps, a 4.3 mile road race course in Belgium: “An atomic forward rush presses flesh and bone into the seat, interrupted only when the brain protests the car cannot possibly enter the approaching bend this fast, even though Chevy claims the Z06 will maintain a 1.04 g lateral load during steady-state cornering…But time and again the Z06 proves it can.” “The Z06′s $65,800 base price marks it as the greatest value in supercar history, and the performance means those poster-buying kids should now lust after a Corvette, value or not. ” While there is some lamenting of the lack of refinement for the interior, we are entertained with the quote by Corvette’s Chief Engineer Dave Hill who says the development team did not think the Z06 needed an interior upgrade, given the car “would come in substantially less expensive than the Viper but with substantially more performance and refinement.” He acknowledges that “may not have been the right thinking, but we didn’t want to get the car too pricey.” Click here to read the entire Autoweek Review.

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