Gathering Pricing Knowledge


Now that you know which model year you’re interested in purchasing, you’ll want to gain as much pricing knowledge as possible. I start with pricing first because if you can’t afford it, it’s not worth spending your time learning the other factors involved in making an informed buying decision. One of the tools needed for making an educated purchase is one or more Corvette Price Guides. Price guides for Corvettes can be found online at a number of sites. uses data published from Vette-N-Vestments that is based on actual sales figures from auctions held around the Country. Why we like this guide so much is that appreciation and depreciation figures are tracked for One, Two and Five years allowing you to spot multi-year trends. Other price guides worth noting are Kelly Blue Book and the NADA Guide. Lastly, most of the Corvette magazines usually publish an annual Price Guide issue. Currently we are in a hot market so review the published date of the guide carefully. If it is older than six months, its accuracy may be off somewhat. Another source for gathering pricing knowledge would be from visiting websites that contain Corvettes for sale, either through classified and auction sites like and to searching online dealer inventories for your sought-after model year. Armed with this information, you will have no trouble educating yourself as to what the model year of your choice can be obtained for. An education in pricing will help to ensure that you will not be overcharged as well as being able to spot a good buy when it comes along. Click here to purchase the Vette-N-Vestments Corvette Price Guide Price: $15.00